A fusion of East and West


A trio project by three artists who are performing in Japan and overseas
with the aim of creating unique music.
Their songs fused traditional Japanese instruments such as the Shamisen, Shinobue,
and Taiko drums with the piano has earned high praise not only in Japan but also overseas.
Its borderless sound suggests new possibilities in the age of diversity.
Please feel sustainable soundscape beyond language and borders.

元岡 衛 Mamoru Motooka

ピアノ / キーボード
Piano / Keyboard


Started his professional career when he was 17. 
He is an all-around player who can play everything from jazz to pop, and has performed with many artists in Japan and abroad.
He regularly appears as a pianist on NHK’s “Shin BS Nihon no Uta” and also played as a guest performer with the Kansai Philharmonic Orchestra.
Suffering from dystonia, an intractable neurological disease, his original songs, which he plays with nine fingers, have been well received both at home and abroad, and he has performed in 31 cities in 16 countries.

大谷 加奈子 Kanako Otani

三味線 / 篠笛
Shamisen / Shinobue

3歳よりピアノ、5歳より和太鼓を始め、2003年に和太鼓グループ「打打打団 天鼓」に入団。和太鼓のみならず篠笛、三味線、箏など様々な和楽器も担当するユーティリティプレイヤーとして、ヨーロッパツアー、ロシアツアー、アジア諸国ツアーなど数多くの海外公演にも参加し、世界中のファンを魅了する。国籍やジャンルを超えたアーティストと様々なプロジェクトを展開するなど、和楽器のもつ新たな可能性を模索し続けている。

She started playing the piano at the age of 3, wadaiko at the age of 5 and joined Japanese drums group ‘Dadadadan Tenko’ in 2003.
As a utility player who plays not only Japanese drums but also various Japanese traditional instruments such as shinobue, shamisen, and koto, she has joined many overseas performances such as European tours, Russia tours, and Asian tours.
Through projects beyond borders and genre, she continues to explore new possibilities for Japanese musical instruments.

坂上 享 Akira Sakaue

Japanese drums

16歳で大阪を拠点に国内外で活動するプロ和太鼓グループ「打打打団 天鼓」に入団。大学卒業後、本格的に活動を始め、その中心メンバーとして数々の国内公演はもとより、アテネフェスティバル(ギリシャ)やOerol Festival(オランダ)など世界30ヵ国1500公演を超えるツアーに参加する。現在はソリストとして伝統的な和太鼓をベースにしつつ、パーカッシヴな奏法にも対応し、現代音楽における和太鼓の可能性に積極的に取り組んでいる。

At the age of 16, he joined professional Japanese drum group  ‘Dadadadan Tenko’. Experienced more than 1500 performances in 30 countries around the world, including Athens Festival (Greece) and Oerol Festival (Netherlands), as well as numerous domestic performances.
Currently, as a soloist, he continues to explore the possibilities of Japanese drums in contemporary music, incorporating percussive playing techniques while using traditional Japanese drums as a base.